About John's Stuff
John's Stuff has always been my attempt at web design and learning various web technologies. The oldest site, the one hosted at Angelfire, no longer exists in any form. It was frame driven, with poor coding and poorer spelling.

From May 2001 until October 2001, I got hosting from a friend, Redcloak, through his site, redcloak.org. The site changed from the frame driven layout to the table based framework all versions of elcapjtk.net used until the Summer of 2007. New graphics were put in place, mouseover events added, however any editing required editing actual HTML files. Nothing was dynamic! This version can be seen here.

From October 2001 until February 2004, I moved to DarkVengeance's "Blood Knights" server. I refined the usage of tables, graphics and made upkeep on the page simpler by transitioning to using PHP includes to allow changes to be made to every page quickly. A link will be added once the backup can be uploaded.

Finally in February 2004 I moved to the current domain, www.elcapjtk.net, and my first host, Futurepoint. I more or less rewrote the entire site from the ground up, using the same framework set several years before. I replaced the graphics and struggled with getting a working dynamic news script. Many scripts had issues with certain symbols, or using anchors. After using several scripts, I ended up using "Fusion", which used flat files to manage all of the news and users. This was used until the current build of elcapjtk.net. After about a year with Futurepoint, I moved to a new host from the place I worked, really nothing changed except for new content. Links will be added once I have a chance to clean up the site a bit.

The latest version is a complete rewrite, trashing all of the code from previous versions. All of the pages (ideally) will be XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant. The site is no longer driven by tables, but by divisions, or divs. The site's backend is a MYSQL database, using tables of my design. This version is the first version that is truly all my code.